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Welcome to the “CubePilot Products” category – a place where you will find innovative solutions for the growing civil unmanned systems industry. CubePilot is an official BZB UAS partner that provides advanced software and hardware for drones, aircraft, rovers, submarines, and other unmanned vehicles. Their products are known for reliability, versatility, and excellent quality.


CubePilot products are at the heart of many unmanned systems around the world. Autopilot and Cube, at the core of the CubePilot ecosystem, deliver unparalleled performance and stability, making it the number one choice for drone professionals and enthusiasts. Thanks to open source and community support, CubePilot products are flexible and adapt to various market needs.


The CubePilot ecosystem is not only an autopilot but also a variety of accessories and carrier boards that allow you to adapt the system to individual needs. It opens the door to endless possibilities and the creation of non-standard solutions.


One of the solutions of the CubePilot ecosystem is the BZB UAS solution – ekoSKY 2.0


In our store, we offer a full range of CubePilot products that allow you to build, develop, and improve unmanned vehicles. Whether you are an experienced engineer or just starting your adventure with drones, in the “CubePilot Products” category you will find the right tools and components to achieve your goals.


Join the group of professionals and enthusiasts of unmanned aircraft technology and use the innovative solutions provided by CubePilot.

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  • Cube Red

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  • Here4 Blue Multiband RTK GNSS

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  • The Cube Blue

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  • SwitchBlox

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  • SwitchBlox Cable Adapter

    SwitchBlox Adapter

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  • Hexsoon EDU-450 V2 – DIY

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  • Here4

    Here4 Multiband RTK GNSS

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  • HerePro

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  • cube id can 5

    Cube ID – CAN

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  • cube id serial

    Cube ID

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  • cubepilot herelink controller unit

    Herelink Controller Unit

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  • cubepilot here 3 z podstawką

    Here 3+ with iStand

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