drone inspections - railway main over the road

Create a map of the terrain and examine the condition of the building

Drones in civil engineering


Explore the terrain in 3D with the help of…

Utilize remote sensing methods and transfer the land infrastructure into a digital model. Use an ortophotomap which provides all the features of a geodetic map.
Scan the terrain with an accuracy up to 2 cm per pixel. With such precision you’ll be albo to spot a 1 Euro coin on the ground.

Learn more on how are ortophotomaps created.

drone surveying - a photo of an open-pit mine surrounded by water

3D maps and digital terrain models

Carry out inventory and plan development.
Drone in civil engineering - inventory imposed by the program
Drone in civil engineering - inventory
  • Area and distance measurements BZB UAS

    Area and distance measurements
    With a digital terrain model we can estimate distances
    and area of the area of study
    with a high accuracy

  • Report on the condition of BZB UAS buildings

    Reports on the condition of buildings
    With the help of photos taken at an altitude
    we perform precise analysis on the condition of
    buildings, roofs and gutters

  • Imaging of BZB UAS investments

    Investment visualisation
    Based on the map we can visualise progress and appearance of planned investments

  • Measurements of height and volume of BZB UAS

    Volume and height measurements
    We measure heights, terrain slopes and earth masses balance.
    We calculate volumes of linear
    and wide-space excavations

  • Creating geodetic maps BZB UAS

    Geodetic maps
    Ortophotomaps provide all the features of a geodetic map.
    Uniform scale, a coordinate system and a map projection

Inspection of linear objects

Utilize artificial intelligence to inspect linear infrastructure.
Drone in civil engineering - inspection of linear objects
Drone in civil engineering - inspection of linear objects
Drone in civil engineering - inventory
  • React to attempts to interfere by BZB UAS

    React to interference attempts
    Our original algorithms automatically detect potential
    places where the pipeline may have been tampered with

  • Imaging of BZB UAS investments

    Manage objects in the protective lane
    Check where man-made objects or vegetation that
    threatens the infrastructure appear

  • Search for BZB UAS leaks

    We are looking for leakages
    Locate leaks that are a threat to the environment.
    Minimize losses

specialized geodetic measurements - aerial photo of a multi-level road intersection

Construction site visualisation and progress tracking

Conduct inspections during construction period.

  • Inspect the progress of construction works,
  • Verify the construction by comparing it with the design,
  • Manage construction with the use of modern BIM techniques.
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Inżynieria lądowa BZB UAS

Ready to takeoff?



What will the drone allow you to do?

It accelerates decision making, simplifies processes and allows saving time / money. It also gives you great pleasure!

Increase your competences, significantly increase your earnings. Before you spend a few thousands on new equipment it is worth it to undergo training. During the training you will find out: what kind of equipment you really need, what kind of cameras are there, which sensor to pick, how do they fly / behave in air, what are the pros and cons of each model, how long can they fly for?

No drone is completely universal. Each task requires an individual consideration of the investment you have to make when buying a drone. Training consists of two parts – theoretical and practical. Training is conducted with planes, multirotors and VTOL hybrids. Obtained qualifications will allow you to fly every kind of aircraft. The only limit is the maximum takeoff mass (MTOM) and is dependent on the chosen category of operation. It means that after the training you will obtain qualifications to fly multirotors, planes and VTOL hybrids, provided that their mass does not exceed 25 kg. Remember, flying a plane is completely different from flying a multirotor. When flying a VTOL hybrid you are required to obtain skills in flying planes and multirotors. Therefore we recommend individual training on a given type of aircraft. Training on your own might cost you more than the cost of the training course.