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Welcome to the “SYIY PRODUCTS” category, where you will find innovative solutions in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle technology and intelligent robots. SYIY specializes in HD image transmission technologies, gimbal control and stabilization, motor drive technologies, camera and imaging systems, and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The products offered by SYIY are an integral part of intelligent robotic ecosystems.


Our category contains advanced devices and accessories that allow the use of modern technologies in the field of UAV and robotics. SYIY products are based on the latest achievements in image transmission, image stabilization, motor control and artificial intelligence technology, which makes them an excellent choice for drone enthusiasts and robotics professionals.


No matter whether you are an experienced drone pilot or a robotics enthusiast, our offer will give you access to innovative solutions that will revolutionize your experience in this field. SYIY is a company known for constantly striving to improve technology and create intelligent robotic ecosystems.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment and discover modern solutions offered by SYIY that will help you achieve success in the fascinating world of UAV technology and robotics.

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  • SIYI AI 4T

    SIYI AI Tracking Module 4T

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  • SIYI ZR30

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  • SIYI ZT30

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  • SIYI A2 mini

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  • SIYI A8 mini

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