Unmanned airplanes

Welcome to our category dedicated to unmanned aircraft, which is an ideal place for professionals and technology enthusiasts who value safety, comfort of work, and unlimited possibilities. Our unmanned aircraft offering is a great choice for those who want to take their projects to the next level.


In our store, we offer two main approaches to achieving your goals. First, we present ready-to-fly systems that provide simplicity and convenience. You open the package, plan your route, and are ready to fly, collecting incredible resolution data and earning money for your professional approach.


Secondly, for those who want more advanced challenges, we offer self-assembly systems. This is a real opportunity to awaken your inner engineer and build your own unmanned aerial vehicle from scratch. Our products give you full control over the project, allowing you to adapt it to your individual needs and vision.


In our unmanned aircraft category, you will find a variety of models that will meet the requirements of any project, regardless of its scale and complexity. We offer excellent quality, reliability, and technical support to help you achieve success in unmanned aircraft technology.


Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment, discover various possibilities, and make your dreams of flying unmanned aircraft come true. We create the future of innovation and advanced technologies together with you.

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  • Hexsoon EDU-450 V2 – DIY

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  • hero VTOL

    Hero VTOL – DIY KIT

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  • BX4

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  • Fighter Mini VTOL uav

    Fighter VTOL MINI – DIY KIT

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  • Freeman 2100 2

    Freeman 2100 – DIY KIT

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  • Bezzałogowy statek powietrzny – Fighter VTOL – DIY

    Fighter VTOL – DIY KIT

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  • Koliber DIY

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  • koliber-linia-survey

    Koliber Survey

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  • koliber-treningowy-bzb-uas-okladka

    Training Koliber

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