Hexsoon EDU-450 V2 – DIY


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HEXSOON EDU450 Reference Frame V2 is an exceptional platform for testing and development in the realm of multi-rotor UAVs. This upgraded version introduces several improvements, including the addition of 4 LEDs integrated into the arm ends, a redesigned PDB with LED connections, and detachable leg tubes for the landing gear. The kit includes essential components like propellers, motors, ESCs, and more. With its remarkable payload capacity, it’s a versatile choice for various applications, particularly when combined with Cube Orange and Here3 GPS.


HEXSOON EDU450 Reference Frame Excellent Frame for testing and development, teardrop arms with upward tilt.


New to Version 2

  • Added 4 x LEDs, mounted in end of arms
  • New PDB has connection for LEDs
  • Landing gear now has detachable leg tubes
  • Propellers change to T1045v2
  • Motors change to 2216ii 920KV


Multi-Rotor UAV frame The awesome reference/education drone! Perfectly suits the cube mini and full carrier board.


What’s Inside

  • Propellers (4PCS)
  • Motors (4PCS)
  • ESC (4PCS)
  • Motor Mount set (4SETS)
  • Arm Mount set(4SETS) (New Style with legs)
  • Aerofoil Arm (4PCS)
  • Main Bottom Plate
  • Main Top Plate
  • PDB
  • Velcro Battery Strap
  • Screw Package
  • Accessories Package
  • LED Package


Technical Parameters:

  • Length: 450mm
  • Size: 360*360*260mm
  • Empty Weight: 870g (without battery)
  • Max Payload: 960g (without battery)
  • Recommended battery: 4s 4200mAh-5500mAh


Needed to complete

  • Flight controller – Cube Orange and Here3 GPS
  • Control – Herelink
  • Battery – 3/4s 3-6000mAh
  • Optional: like camera


Remember this is a self-assembly kit!


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