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Unmanned aerial vehicle produced by BZB UAS. Made of EPO foam reinforced with composite materials. Powered by electric motors only.
Plug&Play assembly, automatic take-off and landing, make flight and its operation suprisingly simple and convenient.

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Koliber UAS (SURVEY)
Koliber UAS is not only a state-of-the-art system full of electronics. It’s also a perfect design that puts it on a par with other technological masterpieces.
The streamlined fuselage of the Koliber allows it to traverse the air confidently and freely while maintaining maneuverability and precision of steering.

koliber UAS, system bezzałogowy produkcji BZB UAS do kupienia w sklepie bzbuas.com

koliber UAS, system bezzałogowy produkcji BZB UAS do kupienia w sklepie bzbuas.com

koliber UAS, system bezzałogowy produkcji BZB UAS do kupienia w sklepie bzbuas.com

Professional system for people that value safety and work comfort. The system delivers photogrammetric data from large-scale areas. Its undoubtedly advantage is the time of flight reaching up to 150 minutes. Time of flight combined with telemetry data coverage up to 20 km puts the product at the forefront of unmanned system solutions. Koliber will allow you to measure large areas from one place, with only one flight, without the need for inconvenient detours or setting up the equipment from the beginning. Plug&Play assembly, complete autonomy i handheld take-off make the preparation for flight and its opearation simple and convenient.

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Conduct measurements and inventory without time-consuming detours. First of all, the modern technology used in this plane allows for fully autonomous flights. See the terrain in 3D thanks to a photogrammetric survey. Use remote sensing methods and transfer land infrastructure to a digital model. Generate an orthophotomap that has all the features of a geodetic map. Map the terrain with an accuracy of 2 cm per pixel. With such precision you’ll be able to spot a coin

system bezzałogowy Koliber dla geodetów produkcji BZB UAS dostępny w sklepie bzbuas.com

The SURVEY line includes:
Fixed wing equipped with support systems that enable autonomous flights,
A camera and an electronic system that assigns geoposition to photos,
Waterproof, shockproof transport case,
Battery that allows for up to 2.5 hours of continuous flight without landing.

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