FIGHTER MINI VTOL self-assembly kit. Be a hero and build your own VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) unmanned aircraft. Don’t be afraid of new technology and boldly enter the world of DRONES.


Fighter VTOL MINI is a 7-kilogram, easy-to-use fixed-wing vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aircraft that inherits the safety and practicality of the classic Fighter VTOL model. It features the Fighter’s signature aerodynamic layout and a redundant backup avionics system. The Fighter VTOL MINI unmanned aerial vehicle is characterized by quick disassembly without the need to use tools. It has undergone over 500 take-off and landing endurance tests, as well as over 400 altitude tests at low temperatures.


Example areas of application:


  • Topographic mapping
  • Geodesy
  • Civil engineering
  • Planning and construction
  • Landscape planning
  • Digital city
  • Precision farming
  • Environmental monitoring


Set contains


Fighter VTOL self-assembly shell


Remember this is a self-assembly kit!

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