SIYI AI Tracking Module 4T


Unlock the potential of your aerial footage with the Siyi AI Tracking Module, an innovative tool designed specifically for drones to enhance video capture through superior image recognition capabilities. This state-of-the-art module uses advanced artificial intelligence to accurately identify and track moving subjects across complex backgrounds, ensuring every frame is captured with precision.


Elevate your drone’s capabilities with the Siyi AI Tracking Module, a cutting-edge accessory designed for precision and ease in aerial videography and photography. This module utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically recognize and follow moving subjects, simplifying complex shoots and ensuring smooth, professional results. It’s incredibly user-friendly, with a plug-and-play design that integrates seamlessly with existing setups, making it ideal for content creators of all skill levels.


Key Features


  • Real-Time Object Tracking: Automatically detects and follows subjects using advanced AI, improving shot composition and focus.
  • Wide Compatibility: Easily attaches to various drone models and integrates with multiple camera systems.
  • Enhanced Stability: Maintains stable tracking even in dynamic environments, perfect for capturing high-quality, action-packed footage.
  • Robust Construction: Durable build designed to withstand the demands of outdoor use, ensuring reliability in diverse filming conditions.
  • Simple Setup: Quick installation and easy operation, with minimal calibration required.

Whether you’re filming a fast-paced sports event or a cinematic landscape, the Siyi AI Tracking Module is your go-to tool for unmatched video and photo quality. Enhance your aerial filming with this intelligent tracking solution and capture every moment with precision and ease.





  • Dimensions: 26.5×45.1×43.4 mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Computing Power 4Tops @ INT8
  • Power Consumption Average: 8W
  • Power Input: 12.6 ~ 25.2V (3S ~6S)
  • Video Stream Compatible Codec Format: H.264/ H.265
  • Dynamic Target Gimbal Camera Collaboration: Locking Target; Auto Zooming on Target; Auto Centering Target in Image
  • Working temperature -10C ~ 50C
  • Recognizable Object Types: Human, Vehicle (Car, Truck, Bus), Boat












What gimbal cameras are compatible with the SIYI AI tracking module? All SIYI 3-axis gimbal cameras (ZT30, ZR30, ZT6, A8 mini, ZR10, etc.)


Is it compatible with any third-party gimbal cameras? To be compatible with third-party gimbal cameras, some software development is necessary for the AI tracking module. SIYI welcomes excellent gimbal camera manufacturers to join the SIYI ecosystem.


Can it coordinate with the flight controller? SIYI AI tracking module has reserved a serial port for communication with the flight controller. Some software development is necessary for coordination with the flight controller. SIYI is actively cooperating with open-source and closed-source flight controller manufacturers and expects to present a complete application ecosystem.


Does the SIYI AI tracking module provide SDK? Not at this moment.


Can I import my own data model for training? To import external data models for AI recognition and tracking, some software development is necessary. We suggest that you contact your authorized SIYI sellers or your SIYI sales manager to discuss the business prospects of your requirement.

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