Cube Red


Introducing the Cube Red, the latest in advanced autopilot systems designed for a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles. This next-generation flight controller builds on the legacy of the renowned Cube series with enhanced capabilities and robust safety features. It supports multi-vehicle types, including multirotors, fixed-wings, and VTOLs, making it extremely versatile. The Cube Red features triple-redundant IMU units and an integrated heater for reliability under extreme conditions. Its open-source software ensures customizable setups tailored to specific mission requirements.



**This is the alpha version and recommended for developers only.


The world′s most advanced autopilot for open autonomous unmanned vehicles. Redundant, temperature controlled, isolated. Equipped with two High-Performance H7 Processors. Fully ArduPilot and PX4 supported.

  • 2x STM32H757
  • Ethernet port interface
  • 3x CAN buses
  • 4x IMUs on primary H7
  • 1x IMU on secondary H7
  • 3x Barometers
  • DSI out
  • USB-C Debugging interface
  • solated Static Air port
  • CAN FD port
  • Additional foams with varying hardness
  • Replaceable fully closed uppercase and isolated static air ducts


Manufactured in Taiwan


NDAA YEAR 2023 Compliant


What’s included:

  • HX4-06222 Cube Orange+ Standard Stet ADS-B
  • 1x – Cube Red Standard Set
  • 1x – ADS-B Carrier Board for Red Cube
  • 1x – Standard Cable Set v2.1
  • 1x – I2C Board
  • 1x – Power Brick Mini
  • 1x – Top Case with Waterproof
  • 1x – Air Tube Connector (M3)
  • 1x – Foam A
  • 1x – Foam B
  • 1x – Mini IO to RJ45 Cable (30cm)
  • 4x – 3M Stickers (S)
  • 2x – 3M Stickers (M)
  • 3x – 3M Stickers (L)


CubePilot official doc CLICK HERE


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