Here4 Blue Multiband RTK GNSS


Maximize your navigation accuracy with the Here4 Blue Multiband RTK GNSS, equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 for seamless connectivity. This state-of-the-art receiver offers centimeter-level precision and is designed for a wide range of applications, from aerial drones to autonomous vehicles. Featuring multiband frequency support and multi-constellation GNSS capability, it provides robust tracking and faster fix times in challenging environments. Made in USA


Here4 Blue includes Bluetooth 5.2 for Remote ID. Manufactured in the USA.


Centimeter-level high-precision positioning: Equipped with the uBlox NEO-F9P L1/L5 RTK Multi Constellation GNSS module. Fastest lock times of any of the standard Here GPS series. Reliable centimeter-level navigation.


More onboard compute and mems: Built-in STM32H757 dual-core processor. The combination of the RM3100 magnetic compass and ICM42688 sensor has better performance in more applications.


Integrated module with multiple features: Here4 is more than a GNSS module. It has both flight control and navigation capabilities. Fitted with 8 PWM or BDSHOT outputs, an RCIN, a Hotshoe, and a camera trigger, accurate mapping has never been more self-contained.


Supports further expansion/customization: The reliable DRONECAN FD communication protocol ensures fast (8Mbps) and stable transmission. Based on the AP-Periph open-source platform, users can better carry out further development and customization.




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