PM02D Power Module


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The PM02D Power Module is an essential component for Pixhawk 5X and 6X flight controllers. With PX4 and Ardupilot support, this module offers a reliable power supply, accurate voltage and current monitoring, and a range of capabilities.

Designed with a robust I2C digital signal data output, it ensures precise data transmission. This module delivers regulated power from your battery, with a 5.2V output and a maximum current of 3A. It accommodates LiPo batteries up to 6S (LV) or 12S (HV), making it versatile for various setups.


– PM02D HV version is supported by PX4. For Ardupilot, it is supported in version 4.4 and later. 
– This PM uses I2C digital signal data output and is not compatible with flight controller that uses analog PM such as the Pixhawk 6C & Mini, Pixhawk4 & Mini, pix32 v5, or Durandal flight controllers.


PM02D provides regulated power supply for your Pixhawk® 5X & 6X from the battery,  as well as current consumption and battery voltage measurements, all through a 6pin cable. The on-board switching regulator outputs 5.2V and a maximum of 3A from LiPo batteries up to 6S (LV) or 12S (HV). The Power Module comes completely assembled with XT60 connectors, wrapped in shrink tubing for physical damage protection.


It is not designed to power servos, please use your aircraft’s ESC/BEC for that. The Molex 2.00mm pitch CLIK-Mate Wire-to-Board connector is rated for 3.0A current per contact.



  • Input voltage
  • LV: 2S-6S
  • HV: 2S-12S
  • PCB Cont. Current Rating: 60A
  • PCB Burst Current Rating: 100A (<60 Sec)
  • Max current sensing:
  • LV: 164A
  • HV: 327A
  • Voltage and current monitor with I2C compatible interface
  • Outputs 5.2V and 3A max
  • Weight: 20g


Current Rating:

The PM02D comes with XT60 plugs with 14 AWG silicone wires rated for 30A continuous current and 60A burst current (<1 minute). If a higher current is needed, the plug type and wire size should be changed accordingly. You can refer to this chart as reference.




PX4 Parameter Setup:

  • If you are using the PM02D HV version, you must set SENS_EN_INA228 to enable.


Package Includes:

  • 1x PM02D Power Module
  • 1x 6pin 2.00mm pitch cable

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