Hall Current Sensor 150A


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Current sensor based on the Hall effect. Targeted at systems that do not have a built-in current sensor or system integrators who want to avoid voltage drop or excessive heat generation as with traditional resistor-based current sensors.


Current sensor that benefits from the Hall effect. Aimed mainly at systems that do not have a built in current sensor or for system integrators who dont want any voltage drops or heat build up like can occur with traditional resistor based measuring techniques.


  • Hall effect current sensor
  • No voltage drop and heat on current sensor components
  • Offset and Sensitivity are calibrated in factory
  • Continuous current rating: 0~150A DC
  • Sensitivity: 20mV/A,  INAV/BF scale = 200,  ArduPilot BATT_AMP_PERVLT = 50
  • VBAT voltage sense: 0~69V,  INAV scale = 2100,  BF scale = 210, ArduPilot BATT_VOLT_MULT = 21.0
  • Power Consumption: 17mA
  • Voltage offset error at zero current : +-10mV
  • Curr output voltage error: 5%
  • Operating Temperatures: -30~80 °C
  • 23 * 20* 23mm, 7g

Soldering pads

  • Vbat: for voltage sense, support 0~69V IN
  • Volt: = 1/21 Vbat, 0~3.3V out
  • Curr: Current signal, 0~3.3V out
  • 5V: power supply for HCS-150A board, support 4~13V IN, 17mA
  • G: GND
  • TX/RX: for firmware update and configure (to be supported)


  • mount Hall sensor far from iron and magnetic material

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