The Cube Purple kit


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The set consists of: The Cube Purple, Mini Carrier Board and cables for the Mini Carrier Board.

The perfect autopilot for small electric planes and multi-rotors.


The set consisting of the autopilot The Cube Purple (mini) and the Carrier Board Mini, is an excellent controller adapted to ground vehicles such as cars, rovers, boats, etc. Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily integrated into any frame where space has big importance.

With The Cube Purple Set, you get an advanced, powerful and reliable controller with countless possibilities!


  • cube with Pixhawk 2.1 controller – The Cube Purple,
  • Mini Carrier Board with an SD card,
  • x2 telemetry cable,
  • power cable,
  • I2C cable,
  • Buzzer cable,
  • micro USB cable,
  • GPS1 cable (with switch),
  • GPS2 cable,
  • CAN cable


Product features:
  • modular structure,
  •  independent IMU module, compass, barometer, accelerometer, magnetometer,
  • standard DF17 connector.



Technical Specifications:


Pixhawk FMU – main controller

  • STM32F427; 2MB flash, 256KiB RAM, 168 MHz,
  • built-in 16KiB SPI FRAM memory,
  • MPU9250 or ICM 20649 gyroscope / accelerometer,
  • MS5611 barometer,
  • all sensors connected via SPI,
  • Micro SD interface via SDIO.

IMU module

  • integrated accelerometer / magnetometer LSM303D,
  • L3GD20 gyroscope,
  • MPU9250 or ICM 20xxx gyroscope / accelerometer,
  • MS5611 barometer,
  • all sensors connected via SPI.

Mini Carrier Board

  • Dual power input (power redundancy, automatic switching to another power supply in case of failure),
  • Power distribution (limit the current at each connector, avoiding overload when one device takes too much current),
  • Over-voltage protection (under voltage or under voltage protection, the circuit will shut down if the voltage exceeds the limit).

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 4 cm

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