SkyDroid – Image transmission and telemetry system


SkyDroid is a controller with a larger display – 7″, IP67 protection and 3-position switches!


SkyDroid – 1080p image transmission, data transmission, and telemetry system. All in one data link.


SkyDroid controllers provide clearer images, lower latencies, greater data transmission range, and stronger protection against interference. SkyDroid is used in drones and robotics.



  • SkyDroid supports a wide range of connectors – HDMI, RJ45, sensor connectors, SBUS, dual pass-through port
  • Supports Q Ground Control and wireless video streaming (RTSP)
  • The signals from the two antennas complement each other, providing super-strong signals and very long transmission distances. Special algorithms increase the ability to communicate with weak signals
  • The IP67 certificate ensures waterproofness, dustproofness, and resistance to falls.
  • The materials and design used ensure excellent user experience and durability
  • 7-inch high brightness IPS display, large screen aspect ratio, display information clearly in sunlight
  • The use of weather-resistant gel, stainless steel, and aircraft aluminum alloy ensures efficient use even in the most difficult conditions
  • Integrated with a high energy density lithium-ion battery. 35W fast charging allows for 10-15 hours of use after two hours of charging


Package Included:

  • SkyDroid Controller
  • Receiver (Air Unit)


sky droid kontroler lotu

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 14 cm


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