VELOX Motor V2306 V2 KV2400


Unleash the full potential of your FPV drone with the T-Motor VELOX V2306 V2, a motor crafted for unparalleled racing performance. Designed for competitive FPV pilots, this motor features a unique combination of high efficiency and remarkable power, delivering quick, responsive thrust and longer flight times. The V2306 V2’s advanced engineering reduces operational noise and increases durability, making it ideal for rigorous racing conditions. With a lightweight design and optimized electromagnetic design, this motor improves handling and agility for sharper turns and maneuvers.

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Elevate your drone racing skills with the T-Motor VELOX V2306 V2, expertly designed to deliver unmatched performance and reliability in the FPV racing arena. This latest iteration of the renowned V2306 motor series comes with enhanced features that set it apart in the competitive racing landscape.


Innovative Features


  • High Efficiency and Power: The V2306 V2 is optimized for maximum efficiency and increased thrust, providing faster acceleration and higher top-speeds without sacrificing battery life. It is perfect for pilots seeking to improve lap times while maintaining control and stability.
  • Reduced Operational Noise: By refining the motor design, T-Motor has significantly reduced vibration and operational noise, allowing for a smoother and quieter flight experience.
  • Increased Durability: Built with high-grade materials and an improved structural design, the V2306 V2 withstands the rigors of high-intensity drone races. This durability ensures pilots can push their limits with confidence.
  • Lightweight Construction: Minimizing weight without compromising strength, this motor enhances your drone’s agility and responsiveness. Maneuver through tight spaces with ease and precision.
  • Multiple KV Options: in BZB UAS STORE available only 2400KV configurations, allowing racers to choose the perfect motor to match their racing style and battery selection.
  • Cooling Technology: Features advanced cooling technology that helps maintain optimal temperatures, preventing performance drops and extending the motor’s lifespan.


Why Pilots Choose the T-Motor VELOX V2306 V2


  • Superior Performance: Whether racing professionally or as a hobby, the enhanced power and efficiency of the V2306 V2 make it a top choice for serious competitors.
  • Reliability: Racers need motors that can keep up with the intense demands of racing drones, and the V2306 V2’s robust build and longevity reassure pilots of its dependability.
  • Versatility: With multiple KV options and compatibility with a variety of propellers and ESCs, this motor is adaptable to different racing conditions and setups.
  • Innovative Design: From its cooling system to its noise reduction capabilities, every aspect of the motor is crafted to enhance flight dynamics and performance.


Take Your Racing to the Next Level with VELOX


With the T-Motor V2306 V2, embrace the cutting edge of drone technology. Its precision engineering and superior construction offer the reliability and performance needed to dominate the competition. Upgrade to the V2306 V2 and experience why top racers trust T-Motor to power their victories. Whether aiming for agility, speed, or endurance, this motor is your gateway to the podium. Embrace the power of T-Motor and transform your racing prowess.

Explore more and join the elite in drone racing with the T-Motor V2306 V2 – because in the race for excellence, every detail matters.





  • VELOX 2400 KV,
  • Internal Resistance 49mΩ,
  • Shaft Diameter 4mm,
  • Weight (Incl. Cable) 32g,
  • Rated Voltage (LiPo) 4S
  • Max. Power (60s) 494W
  • Configuration 12N14P
  • Motor Dimension fi27.9×30.3
  • Lead 20# 150mm
  • Weight (Excl. Cable) 28.2g
  • Idle Current (10V) 1.85A
  • Peak Current (60s) 34.1A

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