Gemfan 35mm 3-Blade Propellers (1.0mm Shaft 4PCS)


The three-blade design provides a balanced mix of thrust and agility, allowing for sharper turns and more stable hovering. Each pack includes four propellers, enabling quick replacements to keep your drone in top flying condition. Easy to install, these Gemfan propellers are a great way to improve lift and responsiveness, especially in smaller drones, ensuring a superior flying experience with every flight.

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Designed for the 35mm whoop drone, more power, higher efficiency, and better control. Ultra-durable blade, these 35mm props are made of high-quality PC material with the best efficiency and durability. Gemfan 35mm 3-Blade Props are suitable for 1mm shaft motors like 08028 12000KV or 0802SE Brushless Motors

Recommended Parts

  • Frame: Meteor65 Pro Frame Kit
  • Motor: 08028 12000KV or 0802SE Brushless Motors



  • Color: White, Blue, Orange, and Clear Gray
  • Product material: Clear Plastic
  • Inner diameter: 1.0mm Shaft
  • Weight: 1.23g (4pcs)


  • 2 * CW 3-blade 35mm Props  (1.0mm shaft)
  • 2 * CCW 3-blade 35mm Props  (1.0mm shaft)

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