Tattu TA1000 G-Tech Dual-channel Charger


Maintain your drone batteries with the Tattu TA-1000 UAV charger, designed to provide high performance and reliability. The TA-1000 features an advanced battery management system that ensures safety with integrated protection against overcharge, over-discharge and short circuits. With a solid 25C discharge rate, it offers stable and consistent power output, which is crucial for high-performance batteries. The compact design and practical connector of the XT90 make installation and removal easy, increasing user convenience. Trust Tattu TA-1000 to enjoy longer operation and excellent battery performance.


Tattu TA1000 Dual-Channel Smart Charger – a versatile and intelligent charging solution designed to cater to a variety of batteries. As a proud member of G-Tech Eco, this charger is specifically tailored for G-Tech smart batteries while remaining compatible with non-G-Tech batteries.

When connected to a G-Tech battery, the TA1000 charger seamlessly identifies the battery type and voltage through the smart balance connector. It then allocates the recommended 1C charging current specified by the battery manufacturer automatically. For non-G-Tech batteries, users have the flexibility to manually select battery type, charging current, and working mode.

Packed with features, the TA1000 Charger includes a comprehensive charging capacity display, voltage difference monitoring, IR detection, and boasts a compact, lightweight design for easy portability. The wide-view IPS display enhances the user experience, and the charger supports high-power charging up to 25A.

Safety is paramount with the TA1000 charger, offering a suite of protections including over-temperature, over-current, over-charge, over-voltage, disconnection, short circuit, single-cell low voltage, and reverse polarity protection. The charger operates in two modes – charge and storage. During charging, real-time monitoring ensures the battery’s status is closely tracked, automatically ceasing charging when the battery reaches full capacity.

Experience unparalleled ease of use with the TA1000 Charger’s new and intuitive user interface. Designed for simplicity, the interface ensures a seamless operation, making battery management a hassle-free task for users of all levels.

Key Characteristics:

  • Intelligent recognition with G-Tech technology
  • Dual channels with fully independent functions
  • Compact and flexible, with 25A charging current
  • LiPo/LiHV 1-7S (supports G-Tech/Non G-Tech battery)


  1. Input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  2. Output voltage: DC 0~32V
  3. Charging current: Max 25A*2
  4. Charging current in storage mode: 25A*2
  5. Discharge current in storage mode: 6A*2
  6. Maximum charging power: 500W x2
  7. Maximum charging power in storage mode: 500W x2
  8. Maximum discharge power in storage mode: 70W*2
  9. Working temperature: 0~60°C
  10. Storage temperature: -20~60°C
  11. Dimensions: 186x174x95mm
  12. Weight: about 1.7Kg
  13. Supported battery type and number of cells: LiPo/LiHV 1-7S (Support G-Tech smart balance connector)
  14. Accessories Included: AC Input Cable / USB Cable

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