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Electronics, Systems and Devices

Additional equipment

BZB Ground Station (BETA)

A mobile access point for your drone

With integrated radio emitter for telemetric data transmittion. Works on 868 MHz frequency (for Europeanusers) or 900 MHz (for American and Australian users).

Connects automatically with dedicated BZB Planner app. While that’s the recommended app, you can also connect to any PX4 platform or ardupilot apps via UDP.

BZB Charger


Cut the waiting time in half! Two independent channels will charge two batteries at the same time.


An LCD screen backlit for your convenience for monitoring. With a clear and intuitive menu.


Save your cautiously fine-tuned settings for future reference. Keep up to 20 programs.


Designed specifically for balancing lithium cells with the accuracy of as low as 5mV.


Built in cooling fans for ensuring the highest efficiency of the charging process.

Technical Specs

  • 1-18 NiCd or NiMH cells
  • 1-7 Li-Ion, Li-Pol or Li-Fe cells
  • 2-12V (2V per cell) or 2~24V Pb batteries
  • Charging current 0.1A – 20.0A
  • Discharging current 0.1A – 10.0A
  • Regulated input current for power source protection
  • Regulated input current for both charging channels
  • Input short-circuit protection

An all-purpose charger that's easy to transport

An integrated charger in an endurable transport case. Take care of your batteries and accumulators. Enjoy the quick set-up time and start charging within seconds.

The charger is universal and works not only with BZB UAS batteries. By balancing the cells of the batteries, it ensures prolonged lifetime and optimal efficiency of the charging process.

Compatible with Li-pol, Li-ion, Li-Fe, PB, NiCd and NiMH accumulators.

Step Down Converter

Designed and developed

A step down converter with the efficiency of up to 94.5%.

  • Input voltage: 36-51 V
  • Output voltage: 5-8 V

GPS RTK rover

A GPS receiver with an omnidirectional antenna

A device based on the ublox m8p module and SMA socket for external antenna connection.

Equipped with an active helical antenna without the reflector ground plate. You no longer need to worry about its vertical orientation.

A perfect choice for all the drones that tend to roll up to 45 degrees

Distribution and partnership

Special equipment on demand

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding supplies, equipment and systems provided by our partners listed below.

Koliber UAS

Our flagship, multi-purpose drone. Now in stock!



Supplementary systems for your convenience