Unmanned airplanes

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  • TRAINING Hummingbird

    Training Koliber

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  • Koliber TRAINING unmanned plane view from above

    Koliber Survey

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  • DIY Koliber unmanned civil aircraft during self-assembly

    Koliber DIY

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  • Koliber Vtol unmanned aerial system top view

    Koliber VTOL

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Professional system for people that value safety and work comfort. The system delivers photogrammetric data from large-scale areas. Its undoubtedly advantage is the time of flight reaching up to 150 minutes. Time of flight combined with telemetry data coverage up to 20 km puts the product at the forefront of unmanned system solutions. Koliber will allow you to measure large areas from one place, with only one flight, without the need for inconvenient detours or setting up the equipment from the beginning.