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System for HD video transmission and platform control

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System for HD video transmission and platform control


**First Herelink update is available now at:


***Herelink has been manufactured in accordance with the legal requirements for electrical safety and / or electromagnetic compability. Pending RCM approval, expected July 2019.


  • package
  • Herelink controller
  • Herelink air unit
  • 2 x air unit antenna
  • air unit mounting plate
  • controller unidirectional antenna
  • controller omnidirectional antenna
  • 2 x joystick
  • set of screws
  • silicone ring set
  • micro USB cable
  • HDMI cable
  • S.bus cable
  • power cable
  • telemetry cable


Product features:
  • Pairing of devices is done with a single button
  • Automatic channel selection for better performance and quick reconnection
  • Independent buttons and rolls for Mavlink commands to control a camera
  • Programmable buttons and PWM channel assignment
  • Supports two HDMI 1080P 60fps video inputs, with the ability to change settings using QGC
  • S.bus output for autopilot control
  • simultaneous telemetry and video transmission
  • built-in open-source QGC ground station software, compatible with apm and px4


Air unit specification:

The unit consists of: motherboard, video expansion board, RF expansion board. Video expansion board is intended to bridge input HDMI signals. RF expansion board transmits and receives signals. To connect the slave board to the motherboard M2 connector has to be used.

Storage LPDDR3: 1 GB eMMC: 4 GB
Bandwidth 20 MHz / 10 MHz
Transmission distance FCC 20 km CE / SRRC 12 km
Transmission delay minimum 110 ms (from source input to the display)
Video resolution 720p@30fps, 1080p@30 / 60fps
Transmission band 2,4 GHz ISM
Receiver sensitivity -99 dBm @ 20 MHz BW
Interference recovery  <1 s
Power consumption mean 4W


Controller technical specification:
Storage LPDDR3: 2 GB eMMC: 4 GB
Screen 5.46”, 1080p, 16 million colors, touchscreen
Audio built-in speaker x1, built-in microphone x2
Remote control rocker x2, wheel x1, bottom button x6 with backlight, top button x1
Communication BT/ WiFi / GPS 2.4G
Indicator light Top tri-color lamp x2
Interface MicroUSB x1, TFlash x1 (supports maximum 64GB expansion)
Antenna directional (5 dBi) x1 detachable, omnidirectional (2 dBi) x1 detachable
Power built-in 4950 mAh Lipo Battery
Charging supports MicroUSB 2A
Dimensions 217 x 106.5 x 31 mm (without antennas and rockers)
Housing plastic


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Dimensions 28 × 16 × 9 cm

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