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Koliber UAS

for photogrammetric data collection

Change your perspective

Designed for precision, with precision

Dedicated to collecting precise photogrammetric data, creating ortophotomaps and digital terrain models.

Plan the route, throw it in the air and let the hardest work do itself, stress free. Koliber is fully autonomous, from the route planning to the emergency landings.

With 20 kilometers of radio connection range and batteries enabling 150 minutes of uninterrupted flight, Koliber is able to scan incredibly large areas and constructions.


Max radio connection range

150 MIN

Flight time without landing

16-24 M/S

Cruising speed

3 tailor-made lines of equipment


Practice makes perfect

Equipment line designed for flight enthusiasts and training centers – it’s perfect for preparing for the UAVO certificate exams.

The TRAINING line consists of:

  • Koliber UAS with autonomous flight and flight support systems,
  • Steering aperture for manual flight control and training,
  • Battery for uninterrupted training flights of up to 2.5 hours.

Manual or autopilot stabilized flights as well as safety enhancements for your device. The whole suite of equipment for the best learning experience.


Revolution in geodetic measurements

Equipment line designed for geodesists, surveyors and civil engineers.

The SURVEY line consists of:

  • Koliber UAS with autonomous flight system,
  • High-res camera and electronics systems for geoposition recording,
  • Waterproof and shockproof transport case,
  • Battery for uninterrupted surveying flights of up to 2.5 hours.

Plan autonomous flights and make measurements without time-consuming, in-person terrain investigations.


Equipment line tailored to the needs of a modern farm.

Take the advantage of an advanced multispectral sensor – check how the plants are developing in different parts of the field.

The AGRO line consists of:

  • Koliber UAS with autonomous flight system,
  • Multispectral sensor and dedicated data processing software,
  • Waterproof and shockproof transport case,
  • Battery for uninterrupted field-scanning flights of up to 2.5 hours.

Experience the full control over your crops without time-consuming inspections of the whole farmland.

Additional equipment

Transport Case

Military-class protection

Get your hands dirty and keep your equipment clean! With the waterproof, shockproof and dustproof transport case.

Backup battery

For extended flight time

Maintain hihg efficiency. Stay in the air as long as you want, with our 16-26 Ah batteries.


Efficient and user-friendly

Take care of your batteries condition and charge full them even in less than 2 hours.

Camera protection

Safety first

Protect what’s most important and valuable, even during the rare events of crash landings.

Fully autonomous

Hands-free experience of aerial systems

Plan the route and just relax while monitoring the parameters. The autonomous systems will take care of the rest and direct your plane to land in a safe, scheduled spot. Even during emergencies or malfunctions.

Our detailed user’s manual and pre-flight checklist will help you to prepare and start the flight step-by-step, as smoothly as possible.

  • Plug&Play system, with full autonomy
  • Hand-held start
  • Detailed manual and pre-flight checklist
  • Dedicated safety and protection systems

Ready to pilot a Koliber?

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