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Software and Applications

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BZB Raport – Report generation (FREE)

Generate PDF reports in no time

An app for quick reporting of crop quality indicators: VARI and GLI.

Load the .geotiff file after mapping the field, select the area and choose the indicator you’d like to document.

The app is 100% free for commercial and personal use.
Runs on Windows 10

BZB Planner (BETA)

Plan your flights. Intuitively.

Plan mapping flights and monitor telemetrics in real time.

Designated for regular and VTOL planes. The app connects with the plane via WiFi connection with BZB Ground Station.

A step-by-step checklist will drive you smoothly through the preparation phase.


Currently, the most intuitive planning app available!

Koliber UAS

Our flagship, multi-purpose drone. Now in stock!



Supplementary systems for your convenience