FPV goggles

FPV (First Person View) goggles are devices used mainly in drones and RC modeling, which allow the user to view from the perspective of a camera mounted on a drone or other remotely controlled device. FPV goggles are popular in the drone community, drone racing, and aerial modeling.


First Person View (FPV) – FPV goggles allow the user to immerse themselves in the environment by looking “through the eyes” of a camera mounted on a drone. This makes the pilot feel as if he is inside the flying object.


Drone Racing – FPV goggles are widely used in drone racing, where pilots race against each other on a track guided only by the view from the FPV camera. This makes for a dynamic and exciting experience.


Antennas and receivers: FPV goggles are often equipped with antennas and receivers that allow them to receive the signal from the camera and transmit it to the goggles in real-time.


By using FPV goggles, the user can enjoy the full flight experience from the perspective of a drone or model, which significantly increases control over the machine and provides an exciting experience.

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  • Lumenier Double AXII 2 Long Range Right-Angle 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP)

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  • SKYZONE Cobra X V2

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