31 May 2022

Open category A2 for operator UAV and drone pilot

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What is an open category and what subcategories belong to it?

Due to the change in regulations for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles on December 31, 2020, significant changes in the drones weight and operational categories have occured. Currently in Poland there are two main categories: open and specific. Today we will focus only on the open category, which is standardized for low-risk flights with the use of an UAV. Open category in Poland is divided into three subcategories: A1, A2, A3. From 2021, to fly in this category you need to be at least 16 years of age.

What factors define A2 subcategory?

In the A2 subcategory there is only one class – C2. A2 subcategory is defined as flights in close, but safe distance from other people. It means that while piloting an UAV, you are obligated to keep a distance of at least 30 meters from other people. This distance may be reduced only in the case if the drone has built-in a so-called low speed mode (in the future it will be required in every newly manufactured UAV). With low speed mode turned on (max speed of 5m/s) the distance may be reduced to 5 meters. Additionally subcategory A2 allows for flights in the A3 subcategory (flights outside residential areas). 

Furthermore, having C2 class qualifications, we are obliged to operate UAV weighing not more than 4kgs. Maximum flight altitude is 120 meters from the ground. In the case of tall objects special care should be taken in keeping the safe distance.

What do procedures to obtain A2 qualifications look like?

Qualifications in the A2 subcategory can be obtained in two separate ways:

  • The first way is possible if you obtained your qualifications before 30/12/2020. In order to obtain qualifications in the A2 subcategory you must perform the so-called conversion of old qualifications. You can read more about the conversion process on the official Civil Aviation Authority website. 
  • The second procedure is carried out when you haven’t yet obtained UAV qualifications. The process begins with registration at drony.ulc.gov.pl. The process is described in the article on converting old qualifications. After creating an account, you’ll need to start the training. You can access it on the pilots profile page. After the training you’’ need to pass an online exam (also available on the CAA site).


After passing the theoretical exam in UAV piloting, you should practice your drone piloting skills. You can do it on your own or under the supervision of an experienced instructor. If you don’t have your own drone or you want to learn under supervision, please contact us.

The next step is to take the A2 theoretical exam. To take the exam you can contact us or any other training center. We allow to take the exam remotely (online) and stationary in Wrocław.

A pilot candidate applying for A2 qualifications has to meet certain mandatory conditions:

  • valid certificate of competence A1/A3
  • completed practical training
  • declaration of willingness to take the theory exam
  • confirmation of payment for the exam


A2 theoretical test consist of 40 multiple-choice questions in following areas:

  • meteorology
  • UAV in-flight performance
  • operational and technical security measures

After passing the exam with a positive result, you’ll receive a UAV pilot competence certificate.